Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix [MYSTERY]

Thanks to /u/xile_ for pouring this for me. I’m not the biggest Glenfiddich fan boy. Yes, the 18 has a special place in my heart, however I’m not constantly hunting down Glenfiddich to try. That said I have been hunting down?Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix. I had a chance to have a pour, however not being the biggest Glenfiddich fan I passed. Snow Phoenix sounded too much like a… Continue reading Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix [MYSTERY]

North Star Millennial Range

So you are an independent bottler. No, not because I said so, I don’t have that power. My superpower is leaving a film on glass, and someday the X-men will call because they are fighting the Sparkler. Marvel, call me for phase 5, I’m awesome. Back to my original point: You’re working as an independent bottler. In make-believe land. And you’re offered some less expensive… Continue reading North Star Millennial Range

GlenAllachie 25 First Editions / GlenAllachie 21 1996 Signatory Cask Strength

Thanks to /u/xile_ for the sample. GlenAllachie. I’ve not reviewed one before. This is my first time. Hopefully I’m gentle with myself. Let’s be honest, I won’t be. GlenAllachie was founded in 1967, making it quite young. Also impressive that such a young whisky distillery survived the 80s. Heck I’m surprised most people surprised the 80s, what with the downturn, horrible leadership, focus on marketing and consumerism….… Continue reading GlenAllachie 25 First Editions / GlenAllachie 21 1996 Signatory Cask Strength

Glenfiddich Wardhead 1997 Cooper’s Choice Port Cask Finish

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me this dram. “You ever had a Wardhead?” Yup, I was asked that. I stare back at people who ask me that, and I’m drawing a blank. Never heard of it. Then I’m told that Wardhead is Glenfiddich, teaspooned with an equally aged whisky. So it’s a blend. A vatting, if you will. Why? Because Glenfiddich doesn’t allow independent bottlers to release… Continue reading Glenfiddich Wardhead 1997 Cooper’s Choice Port Cask Finish

Glenfarclas 105 22

Alright, so every so often there’s a limited edition that catches my eye. Distillery bottlings command a premium, getting something that is worth it (and actually limited to some degree) is tough, you’re hoping it’s worth it, and all that. Glenfarclas has brought out 105 a few times before. I, for one, am typically interested in it, simply because it’s a stronger strength, it’s not… Continue reading Glenfarclas 105 22

Benrinnes 13 1998 A.D. Rattray Cask Collection

Thanks to?/u/nsquare14?for the sample. A long time ago I found out that Benrinnes was the thing. Ex-sherry specifically. I bought a bottle of Benrinnes 14 A.D. Rattray Cask Collection, enjoyed it a lot, and here we are. Since then it’s been harder to find these nice ex-sherry cask Benrinnes, probably because we weren’t wrong about how tasty they are. Thus when the opportunity came up… Continue reading Benrinnes 13 1998 A.D. Rattray Cask Collection