Black Friday Review: Black Bottle

I reviewed this about 13 months ago and since I posted a bourbon for American Thanksgiving yesterday, why not stay topical for Black Friday? This is the new packaging of Black Bottle. Sadly I never had a chance to try the old bottling.

Black Bottle (new packaging) – 40% ABV

  • Appearance: deep copper orange. Definitely chock full of e150
  • Nose: quite sweet. You can smell the grain spirit, but it is mostly masked by some pear and melon fruitiness.
  • Taste: the fruit and sweetness is there with a smoky haze over top. Baked beets. Plenty of smoke but I wouldn’t say peat. A bit salty. A bit phenolic.
  • Finish: short and smoky.
  • Score: 74/100

this is a decent blend. I’d probably buy it again, if only as a beginner malt to serve to uninitiated friends. Not great, but not terrible and a nice source of peat when you just want some without thinking about it too much!

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