#FroaigFriday Review: Laphroaig Cairdeas Origin 2012

Since we’re doing the hashtag thing here, i figured I should contribute with a Laphroaig review from a couple years ago. I got this dram in a swap with  Reddit user /u/schockwaves. This was my first limited edition from Laphroaig.

Laphroaig Cairdeas 2012 Origin – 51.2% ABV

  • Appearance: pale peach-orange
  • Nose: lots of smoke, but sweet. Boggy peat. Some fruitines but I can’t place it. Floral a bit too.
  • Taste: iodine and peat hit right up front and smoke fills the palate. Peppery which is interesting for a Laphroaig. Brine. Less peaty than the QC and with more complexity. Some fruit in there.
  • Finish: just goes on forever. Spicy oak and smoke linger for days.
  • Rating: 93/100

ridiculously delicious. I’d gladly stock this permanently on my shelf… if only it wasn’t all gone. Fortunately the Cairdeas line is one of the reasonably priced bottles at the LCBO, and i may be getting one of the Madeira for Christmas this year! I like it a bit better than the quarter cask as it delivers on many of the same notes with a bit more depth. So glad I got to try it!

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