Review: Archives Glenburgie 21 Year Single Cask

Glenburgie 21yr IB (Archives 1995) – Review 

  • 21 years
  • Bourbon hogshead
  • 54.1% ABV


Glenburgie is one of the lesser known Speyside distilleries, despite not being widely known it produces over 4 million litres/year. The profile of the Glenburgie single casks I have tried in the past have been rather bold and interesting, hoping this one continues the trend.


Nose: Peaches, vanilla custard, apples, floral, lemon zest. No hint of the spice to come.

Palate: Creamy to start, transitions to spicy. Peaches, pepper, cinnamon, lemon, apples, floral notes and vanilla.

Finish: Spicy continues from the end of the palate strong into the finish. Pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, peaches, apricots, oak, warm, ginger. Medium to long, spice lingers.

Score: 88

This is a really surprising bourbon cask. Transitions from fruity to spicy, nice floral undertones. Very happy I have another Glenburgie single cask coming. Someone else should give this poor Speyside distillery a chance.



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