TWS Northern Border Collection Tasting

We’ve written a few times about Corby’s recently released Northern Border Collection here, and that’s for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s damn good whisky that is a bit of a paradigm shift for Canadian whisky
  2. Corby has been really good about reaching out to whisky lovers and groups like ours, letting us taste it and tell its story.

So since by now you’ve heard it all, and have either gotten bottles of these, or been frustrated by the LCBO’s slow roll-out of the inventory, here’s a very brief write-up and then some pictures of the night!

TWS had an event October 20th where Dave Mitton, Global Brand Ambassador for Corby, came and walked us through these drams, while conducting a live-streamed Q&A session on twitter. Due to some technical difficulties where the audio wasn’t working, the beginning of that live-stream didn’t work out, but you can view the rest of it here: Part 1 and Part 2. The evening was a fantastic event, capped off by Dr. Don Livermore dropping by for a brief visit and bottle signing!



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