[Review] North Star Spirits Vega 22 Year Old Blended Malt

I recently purchased a few whiskies that a friend grabbed for me out West, two of which were split and one I kept for myself out of curiosity because it was a pretty good deal for a 22 year old blended malt at cask strength aged in what appears like sherry casks.

It’s also a blend from a newer IB called North Star Spirits who I’ve had a few drams from already including the Ralfy.com 10th Anniversary bottling of 11 year old sherried Glenrothes. North Star are quite young but Iain Croucher, the owner, had been around for a while as an ambassador for A.D. Rattray before setting out on his own to put out a unique range of whiskies all of which are bottled at cask strength.

So in hindsight the angels must’ve loved this blend as it only came out to 43.9% ABV after only 22 years in American and European oak casks. Let’s see if I feel the same!


Age: 22 Years

Region: Blend

Cask Type(s): European and American Oak

ABV: 43.9%

No. of Bottles: 1205

Maturation Time: 1996/2019


  • Colour: Light Amber
  • Nose: Very rich and almost lacquer like with fresh ginger, brandy chocolate bonbons, buttercream, caramel glazed hazelnuts, toffee, potent cinnamon spice and simple syrup
  • Palate: Starts off with a big burst of raisin bread pudding, then builds into more cinnamon and nutmeg, a tiny bit of heat, then fresh cream, powdered sugar, creamy caramels, apple jelly, pear drops, orange marmalade, lemon cubes and more chocolate covered treenuts
  • Finish: Medium to Long with lingering woodspices, caramel, tree sap, grass and date squares


A very well put together blend of modestly mature sherried whiskies. The heat can be a bit much, even with this whisky clocking just under 44% ABV, but even then the balance is fantastic. The lacquer nose opens into a wonderful dry dessert palate with bread pudding, raisins and an assortment of fruits with an earthy finish well measured with hits of fresh date squares. For $150 CAD this is a wonderful whisky and I wish I could get more because this is close to a daily drinker for a 22 year old whisky at this price. Keep putting out great stuff like this North Star!


One thought on “[Review] North Star Spirits Vega 22 Year Old Blended Malt

  1. I’m searching for Sheep Dip single malt. The UK seller doesn’t ship to Canada. Anybody know how to get it in Toronto? Thanks.

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