Glenrothes SMWS 30.81 “A baker’s delight”

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring this for me. So let’s get right to it: I’m 100% the target for this dram. Easily. Glenrothes SMWS 30.81 “A baker’s delight” is named after baked goods, and I have a sweet tooth that will strip the flesh off of a chocolate bar in five seconds flat. It’s an old, cask strength, refill ex-Bourbon hogshead Glenrothes. I’m already sold. That’s right in… Continue reading Glenrothes SMWS 30.81 “A baker’s delight”

Glenrothes-Glenlivet 20 1997 Cadenhead’s Small Batch

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me a dram. Yup, Glenrothes independent bottling again. I know, I’m getting pretty repetitive, but frankly I really do enjoy independent bottling Glenrothes, and think they are one of my current cask strength picks. So what’s new about Glenrothes-Glenlivet 20 1997 Cadenhead’s Small Batch? Well first off we see that, as usual, Cadenhead adding in the now not used addition of -Glenlivet that… Continue reading Glenrothes-Glenlivet 20 1997 Cadenhead’s Small Batch

Glenrothes 1996 Jack Wieber

Recently there was a nice Toronto Whisky Society tasting in which a private whisky owner shared an interesting group of whiskies with a group of us. It’s interesting to follow what makes you excited. Self-examination, that is. Not judging others like some sort of crazed doctor in the woods. I realized, for instance, that without aiming for it, I’ve been drinking more and more Glenrothes.… Continue reading Glenrothes 1996 Jack Wieber

Glenrothes SMWS 30.100 “An abundance of fruit cake”

? Thanks to /u/xreekinghavocx for pouring me a sample of this whisky. It’s Xmas time. And somehow you’ve gotten your baking done and out of the house. Perhaps you’re not even someone who celebrates Xmas. Maybe you’ve not gained the requisite 10 kg of weight needed for the rough winters ahead in this new world. So you’re all set, and then a package arrives. You see it’s… Continue reading Glenrothes SMWS 30.100 “An abundance of fruit cake”

Event Recap: 2018 Vintages Tasting

This past weekend, we had a chance to sample some fantastic independently bottled whiskies from a private collection. Like last year’s event, the tasting was led by Igor of Heads & Tails, who regaled us with tales of drinking with Malt Maniacs, master distillers and whisky royalty, while providing insight into the bottles we were enjoying. This year’s theme was ‘whisky with a twist’ and … Continue reading Event Recap: 2018 Vintages Tasting