Review: Scotch Malt Whisky Society 30.91

SMWS Code: 30.91img_3646-copy
Code Name: “Deliciously dark and sweet”
Distillery: Glenrothes
Age: 18 years
Cask: Refill Ex-Sherry Gorda

Appearance: 1.1, Burnished

Nose: Rum raisin ice cream, Christmas fruit cake, spent matches, ginger snaps, masala chai, plum pudding. What an odd nose. Am I detecting sulfur? For some reason, the sulfur is not overt here, or it’s blending weirdly with the other notes…

Taste: Is this whisky or rum? Very rum like, demerara, molasses, spicy oak, rum soaked raisins, sweet red fruits, some sulfur is evident but it really seems to work here; it gives the rum note almost a tobacco or incense edge. This is a bizarre profile.

Finish: Rum raisin ice cream again, pepper and sulfur, wood spice, red fruit compote. Long lasting; thick and chewy.

Notes: I think the SMWS missed an opportunity to name this release “Haha, figure this one out you smug bastard!” This is one of the oddest profiles I’ve ever experienced. Honestly, at first, it tastes like half rum, half whisky; it just has a density, syrupy sweetness to it: molasses, sticky red fruits. Then comes in the sulfur, which when played alongside the other notes just doesn’t hit me as sulfur at all. This is one that has to be experience for oneself. When I first tasted this, I couldn’t decide if I loved it or hated it. After some time spent with the bottle, I can honestly say the profile really works for me, but I could see this whisky being very polarizing.

Score: 93/100

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