Mystery M1 (The Smoked Series)

Thanks to /u/devoz and /u/xile_ for this sample. Recently I made a point of stating that, if given an Arran, I’d identify the profile. This started both devoz and xile_ thinking, which is never good for me. You see, recently devoz acquired a smoke gun. From what little I understand of it, it’s a gun that shoots smoke. Because he’s amazing at cocktails. And that’s needed. So they took… Continue reading Mystery M1 (The Smoked Series)

Park Distillery Glacier Rye

I’d like to thank Park Distillery, Restaurant + Bar for sending a bottle of this to the Toronto Whisky Society. But who is Park Distillery? For that we have to start where Park Distillery is. You see, Park Distillery is located in the most photographic thing before Justin Trudeau was elected: Banff, Alberta. If you’ve never seen pictures, just look for Lake Louise. The entire area is beautiful.… Continue reading Park Distillery Glacier Rye

Liberty Pole Spirits: Bassett Town Rye Whiskey (white dog)

When we launched the Toronto Whisky Society, one of the goals was to try new whiskies and provide honest, unbiased feedback on them. Our members have been doing this for quite a while now on Reddit, with over 2000 reviews posted collectively on the network. We soon found that distilleries are eager to get word out about their products and that our group is a … Continue reading Liberty Pole Spirits: Bassett Town Rye Whiskey (white dog)

Liberty Pole Triple Review (Bassett Town Whiskey, Rye, Peated Bourbon)

Thanks to Liberty Pole spirits for the samples. I appreciate the chance to try your whisky. Liberty Pole is not the name of a strip joint in Pittsburgh. Well, it might be. However we’re not talking about that today. We’re discussing Liberty Pole Spirits. Washington Country, Pennsylvania was founded by Scotch-Irish veterans of the Revolutionary War. And because they were Scotch-Irish, they had a higher… Continue reading Liberty Pole Triple Review (Bassett Town Whiskey, Rye, Peated Bourbon)