Writer’s Tears Cask Strength 2018

More Irish! Thank you to friends of mine who were at a tasting and obtained this sample for me. While this was given to me for free by the company, please be rest assured I’ve been blown by attractive hookers of many different genders and orientations in order to ensure that I give a fair and considerate review without bias. At this point I’m basically… Continue reading Writer’s Tears Cask Strength 2018

Writer’s Tears Cognac Finish

Casks. They’re mostly needed to age whiskey. Mostly. Yes, that’s the word I want to use there. Totally not a bad idea. But there are only so many trees, only so many people willing to turn those trees into barrels, and only so much that they’ll be paid. Thus the standard of using ex-sherry or ex-bourbon casks will eventually run out. There’s more distilled fermented… Continue reading Writer’s Tears Cognac Finish

Toronto Whisky Society – St. Patrick’s Day Reviews

It’s that time of year again. St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and from now through the weekend people will be donning green attire, chugging green beer and chasing leprechauns, or something like that. As enjoyable as that is allow me to suggest one change in these annual festivities: ditch the green beer and have a glass or two of an Irish whiskey instead. If you find yourself wondering which of … Continue reading Toronto Whisky Society – St. Patrick’s Day Reviews

Writer’s Tears / Writer’s Tears Cask Strength 2012

Special thanks to /u/Randimosity for the sample of the Cask Strength. There are moments where I’m quite full of myself, and start to think that I could someday be called a “Writer”. I’m working on a novel, it could happen… maybe? And that’s why I bought this whiskey. No hubris, none of that. No time for it, until someone gives me a bad critique on… Continue reading Writer’s Tears / Writer’s Tears Cask Strength 2012