Three XO Blends (Toronto Whisky Society, Maltbarn, Kensington Wine Market)

I’ve told this story many times, but we’re getting to the end of this particular blip of whiskies, so one more time: Many years ago someone was at a warehouse, trying whisky. They noticed some old barrels, tasted them, realized they were old Macallan, Glenrothes, Mortlach, and Tamdhu, all of which were no longer wanted because they were underproof. By vatting them together with some… Continue reading Three XO Blends (Toronto Whisky Society, Maltbarn, Kensington Wine Market)

Glenfarclas 105 22

Alright, so every so often there’s a limited edition that catches my eye. Distillery bottlings command a premium, getting something that is worth it (and actually limited to some degree) is tough, you’re hoping it’s worth it, and all that. Glenfarclas has brought out 105 a few times before. I, for one, am typically interested in it, simply because it’s a stronger strength, it’s not… Continue reading Glenfarclas 105 22

Benrinnes 13 1998 A.D. Rattray Cask Collection

Thanks to?/u/nsquare14?for the sample. A long time ago I found out that Benrinnes was the thing. Ex-sherry specifically. I bought a bottle of Benrinnes 14 A.D. Rattray Cask Collection, enjoyed it a lot, and here we are. Since then it’s been harder to find these nice ex-sherry cask Benrinnes, probably because we weren’t wrong about how tasty they are. Thus when the opportunity came up… Continue reading Benrinnes 13 1998 A.D. Rattray Cask Collection

Bunnahabhain – Bn7 – Elements of Islay

Thanks to?/u/smoked_herring?for pouring me a sample Continuing on with the impromptu, night before school start tasting, One of the people, a one wood flame infused fish person, had brought a whisky I had been eyeing to try. That whisky? Albert Einstein. Fuck, I mean?Bunnahabhain – Bn7 – Elements of Islay. The idea? Create a veritable table of elements, but with tasty scotch rather than the… Continue reading Bunnahabhain – Bn7 – Elements of Islay

Tobermory 8 2008 Archives

Thanks to? sharing a dram of this with me. Something I’m always looking for is a brash, young, interesting whisky. Usually, that means a full maturation. Usually means something beyond an ex-bourbon cask, something peated, something with an odd mashbill. It doesn’t always mean it will work. And sometimes something else works. So a friend brought out?Tobermory 8 2008 Archives?at a recent tasting. I’ve never… Continue reading Tobermory 8 2008 Archives

Langatun Avo Jazz Session 1st Ed.

Thanks to /u/Throzen for pouring me the sample What goes after you had a mystery dram and finally got around to trying your second ever Langatun? Why mispronouncing another Langatun, of course! I keep adding an extra N. That’s not even a joke, I’m just bad at it. Langatun Avo Jazz Session 1st Ed.?is meant to evoke that idea of Jazz in that idea of creating something… Continue reading Langatun Avo Jazz Session 1st Ed.

Bunnahabhain 29 1987 Wemyss The Viceroys Elixir

Thanks to /u/Saba007 for pouring me this dram. Hey, so I’m behind. Super behind. There was this whisky that came out. It’s a 29-year-old Bunnahabhain. Oh, and the second it came out, everyone went ape nuts for it and it was purchased before the first digital piece of ink could hit the digital internet tube to get to you. Of course, I’m talking about?Bunnahabhain 29 1987 Wemyss… Continue reading Bunnahabhain 29 1987 Wemyss The Viceroys Elixir