Review: Macallan Cask Strength Sherry

This is an old review from a few years ago… before I cared about photo quality apparently! I was at the Manx Pub in Ottawa which has a wide selection but mostly entry level scotches. Busy place, lots of hipsters. Was one pint deep when I got the scotch list and saw this for a reasonablly priced pour.

Macallan Sherry Cask Strength 60.1% ABV

Appearance: Served in a tumbler. Deep ruby red, bit its dark in the bar too. No legs.

Nose: neat: Heavy sherry nose. Alcohol evident, almonds, honey, almost smell corn, spices..cinnamon? Nutmeg for sure.

Taste: neat: Sherry, ridiculously smooth given the abv, licorice, alcohol very present but not over powering, grapes, nuts, honey, raisins,

Finish: Musty fruit, prunes, oaky honey, incredibly warm.

Rating: 90/100

Added 3 drops of water. Didn’t find the nose changed at all. On the palate I got a lot more of the spices that I smelled up front. More oak now. Strangely seemed less smooth after water. Tasted the alcohol more. Probably prefer it neat. A very complex, warm, fruity scotch. Confirms that I enjoy smoke and peat more, but still a very enjoyable dram.

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