Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon (KavaFan bottling)

This single barrel Ex-Bourbon Solist was exclusively bottled for members of KavaFan. (142 total bottles). It was barreled on August 28, 2008, and bottled on October 5, 2017. 9 years, 1 month, 8 days old. Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon (KavaFan Bottling) B080828075, bottle 26/142, 55.6% ABV Nose: Creamy vanilla off the top, pineapple, piña colada, melon, bourbon-like caramel, short-bread, and a nice spicy oakiness. Taste: Vanilla … Continue reading Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon (KavaFan bottling)

LCBO Popup Event: Tasting Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23 Year

This weekend, I had the opportunity to try Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year at the LCBO Popup on King and Bathurst with Sazerac distiller Allisa Henley. For those of you familiar with whiskey, you’ll know that Pappy is considered a unicorn. This is because it is affordable (at MSRP) and delicious – an unheard of combination! Because of this, these bottles are extremely hard to … Continue reading LCBO Popup Event: Tasting Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23 Year

Dewar’s 12

Blends. They make the whisky world go around, like fat bottomed girls and the rocking world. Or so I was told by my nanny. You know the rest. Blends are usually left behind after you’ve had a lot of single malts. I don’t know what stereotypical female body type used in song single malts are in this case. I didn’t really mean for that comparison… Continue reading Dewar’s 12

Tamnavulin 22 1992 Small Batch Cadenhead’s

Thanks to /u/kinohead for the sample So there I am, like any older Millennial, owning a smart phone just so I can talk to my friends using 12 different apps. And one of them pops up. It’s Kinohead. Yes, I know his real name, however we’ll keep him as his reddit name for now, just incase he’s actually wanting to keep his anonymity. Remember what that is?… Continue reading Tamnavulin 22 1992 Small Batch Cadenhead’s

J.P. Wiser’s Custom Blend by Bryan Vanderkruk

Thanks to /u/muaddib99 for this sample. More so than normal, I have to thank him quite a bit. You see, recently as part of the Toronto Whisky Society, he was sent down to Windsor. And not for the usual punitive reasons one goes to Windsor. No, this was part of celebrating the launch of Wiser’s grand opening of the brand centre. And joking aside, as someone who lived… Continue reading J.P. Wiser’s Custom Blend by Bryan Vanderkruk

Bruichladdich 19 1989 – Black Art

Thanks to /u/Whiskyjig for the sample. Originally my plan for my 750th whisky, and the end of my plan for celebrating hitting that milestone. Hey, ever hear of this small company, Bruichladdich? They’ve brought out a couple whiskes over the years. A few of them pop up every so often. They have some winners. I see them growing as time goes on. I am, of course, being… Continue reading Bruichladdich 19 1989 – Black Art

Canadian Club 40 Year Old

Thanks to ‘Whisky in the 6’ for the sample. Canadian Club 40 Year Old, 45% ABV, $250 CAD Nose: Big hit of caramel and vanilla, honey, lemon grass, slight rye spice. Taste: Again, caramel and vanilla, rye, pepper, and apple pie filling. Finish: Medium/long, very good viscosity, caramel and spice notes linger. Thoughts: 7,000 total bottles, 100% Corn whisky aged in ex-rye barrels, oldest expression … Continue reading Canadian Club 40 Year Old

Adelphi Breath of Speyside 2006 [MYSTERY]

Thank you to /u/devoz for yet another mystery for this particular milestone. So we had a mystery, an old whisky from a distillery I love, and a screw up with numbers. So of course, we have to have another mystery. Because screwing up is what I do best. Bouncing back after crawling into a ball and deciding my life is horrible is second to that. So both… Continue reading Adelphi Breath of Speyside 2006 [MYSTERY]

BenRiach 22 1994 Peated Ex-Tokaji (Cask 4004)

Hey, so sometimes my numbers screw up. And by sometimes, I mean a lot. Seriously, my numbers should be fine. As such, I reviewed BenRiach 22 1994 Peated Ex-Tokaji (Cask 4004) as what I thought was right before the 750th, and then… well I did some mysteries, I did what I thought, etc. None the less, I shouldn’t consider this a bad thing. Let’s be honest, we… Continue reading BenRiach 22 1994 Peated Ex-Tokaji (Cask 4004)