Lunch & Tasting with Malcolm Waring of Pulteney Distillery & Woodman Spirits

Back in November, the Toronto Whisky Society was invited to an event with International Beverage Holdings and Woodman Spirits, held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute, and TOModera and I were the privileged pair who got to attend. In case you don’t know (and didn’t follow those links), International Beverage Holdings is a company that owns many alcoholic beverage brands and manufacturers, including 5 distilleries … Continue reading Lunch & Tasting with Malcolm Waring of Pulteney Distillery & Woodman Spirits

anCnoc 1975

Going to do an everyday malt today. Oh, wait, I’ve reviewed all of those, and thus have trouble connecting with your average Scotch drinker and therefore dig myself deeper and deeper. Fuck that, I’m balla. So today we’re doing a special malt. In the year of 2014, we were all happier. Well, some of us were. Actually, given how the economy was going… Alright, we… Continue reading anCnoc 1975

InBev Distilleries Tasting Event

I’d like to personally thank InBev for sending their Brand Ambassador from Old Pulteney (and Balblair, Speyburn, Balmenach, and anCnoc) to the Toronto Whisky Society. I’d also like to thank /u/Jolarbear for doing a great write up on the site on these, which you can find here. For those of you who don’t want to have to jump over: Shame on you, reading is fun! What would Levar… Continue reading InBev Distilleries Tasting Event

Woodman Spirits & International Beverages Tasting Event

This was the fourth official Toronto Whisky Society event of 2017. Gordon Stevenson is the global spirits ambassador with International Beverage Holdings and is here to walk us through a tasting of various their whiskies. Their five distilleries are represented here. Putleney, Balblair, Speyburn, Knockdhu (anCnoc), & Balmenach – their largest distillery, exclusively used for blends and their gin. They used to do drum maltings … Continue reading Woodman Spirits & International Beverages Tasting Event

anCnoc 18

Thanks to /u/stinkysauce for this sample. Over the year or so that I’ve been actually drinking anCnoc, it’s slowly gone from that funny distillery with odd pronunciation to yet another Highland that proves I’m not a fan of Highlands and finally to an interesting distillery. So far they’ve brought in artists to designate two different special editions, peated their own malt, and have a mixture of… Continue reading anCnoc 18

anCnoc Flaughter

Thanks to /u/Throzen for this one. I’ve had my misgivings when discussing anCnoc in the past. I’ve gotten them mixed up with another distillery that sounds the same but is spelled differently. Coming from a country who’s football (US) had 9 total teams and two the same, you’ll understand how I’m easy to fool. anCnoc Flaughter is named after a tool used in peat cutting. Specifically… Continue reading anCnoc Flaughter