[Review] Hazelburn 14 Year 2005 Fresh Rum Single Cask

Hello everyone! As you’ve noticed, due to the difficulties stemming from COVID-19, Toronto Whisky Society hasn’t had too many updates to post onto the main website. So we’re slowly going to be throwing up more content including whisky reviews, starting with a review I wrote a little while ago about this stunning 14 year old Hazelburn single cask that was released exclusively for the Alberta … Continue reading [Review] Hazelburn 14 Year 2005 Fresh Rum Single Cask

Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting

So now that the Springbank Distillery Tour has concluded, with a fun first experience of Scotch distilling in the memory bank, it’s time for one of the most anticipated tastings that I had planned for this trip, the Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting! Now Cadenhead’s is an independent bottler of a lot of different spirits. Scotch is their main draw but they also bottle gin, rum, cognac … Continue reading Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting

Springbank Distillery Tour

So I just arrived in Scotland the day before, and while the journey was rather long I’ve finally made it to Campbeltown! So after a fun night of good seafood and whisky with my dad at the Ardshiel Hotel it’s now time for the main attraction that most visitors of the white sandy shores of Campbeltown are keen to enjoy, the whisky tours! For the … Continue reading Springbank Distillery Tour

Springbank 9 Local Barley / Springbank 19 1996 Port Cask

Thanks to /u/xile_ for these samples. In a recent online discussion, someone brought up that Springbank was now so popular that the price is stopping people from being able to afford it, thus making it harder to buy, thus screwing more people at trying it, and here we are. However every so often some of the younger ones are there for us, the lower classes who save… Continue reading Springbank 9 Local Barley / Springbank 19 1996 Port Cask

Springbank 16 Ultimate Distillers Cask 450

Thanks to the Toronto Whisky Society for hosting this event, and to /u/devoz for picking out the lineup. So I’m the one who gets to walk through each of these whiskies. So while researching them there were great websites to read up and walk through. I was able to say a bit about the distillery, and if you’re looking for information on Springbank, I welcome you to that rabbit… Continue reading Springbank 16 Ultimate Distillers Cask 450

Springbank 10 Local Barley [MYSTERY]

To recap: xile_ (his real name, really) had us all over for a mystery lineup. I brought brownies. That’s really not useful to the review. Well, I didn’t have them until the whiskies were done, and drank tons of water between each dram. Maybe that’s useful. Oh, and all of the whiskies were poured blind. xile_ bet I’d get two right. I showed him and… Continue reading Springbank 10 Local Barley [MYSTERY]

Springbank 12 1996 Single Cask Oloroso Sherry Butt

Thanks to /u/smoked_herring for this dram. Springbank. Can they do anything wrong? News at 11. Oh, wait, I write things like this. I can’t wait until 11. Also it’s international. I didn’t think this through at all. A few years ago Springbank released their 12 year old single cask series. Different cask types, a simple label, full details, and cask strength. Of these, the sherry casks were:… Continue reading Springbank 12 1996 Single Cask Oloroso Sherry Butt

Springbank 8 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this one with us. Springbank is now the leading distillery for fermentation time, with 110 hours. Most places do between 40 hours and 3 days, with some doing a few more than that. The result is evident in Springbank’s quality, and for that they should be praised. The true reason I bring this up is I find young Springbanks have these nice,… Continue reading Springbank 8 Fresh Sherry Springbank Society

Springbank 11 Local Barley

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing a sample of this one! Terroir is a joke told by a silly man. We know many distilleries that use the same river, and they didn’t taste the exact same. The reason, is of course, they use different barrels, different methods, different mashbills, and finally, different barley. However, what if someone used a different, local barley, and did everything the same.… Continue reading Springbank 11 Local Barley

Springbank 9 Barolo Wood Finish & 12 Burgundy

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for the sample of the Gaja Barolo. So I drink a nice Springbank, then I realize I have two more Springbank samples. And I want more Springbank. Because… Springbank. But why review them together? Because both of them had some wine influence in them. So it makes sense to do one of those SBS that I hear about. That makes sense, right? I… Continue reading Springbank 9 Barolo Wood Finish & 12 Burgundy

Springbank 21 Single Cask

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for opening this up for a nice, wee tasting we had. Springbank. If there are golden ages of whisky (and there are), then Springbank would have as many as Persia in your average game of Civilization 5 (it’s a lot). I’ve heard testimony from people that their older stuff is ambrosia from the gods. Not to mention they currently have the oldest fermented… Continue reading Springbank 21 Single Cask