Thanksgiving Review: Wild Turkey 101

I picked this up at the DutyFreeAmerica at the Buffalo border. figured what better whisky review to post for thanksgiving than a Turkey!

Wild Turkey 101 – 50.5%

  • Appearance: orange and gold. Nicely coats the glass. I’m always amazed at the colour you get in bourbon without added colouring… must be the virgin oak.
  • Nose: lots of caramel and vanilla, honey and oak. A mellow spiciness too.
    nutmeg maybe. Very sweet overall.
  • Taste: incredibly oaky with tons of caramel. Very sweet. Again those spices. Maybe some cinnamon in addition to the nutmeg. kind of a mulled wine flavour. Maybe getting a bit of the rye through nearing the finish. sawdust. popcorn.
  • Finish: oaky, warm and mellow. Lingers sweetly.
  • Score: 88/100

I like the high proof and the woodiness, and it has some interesting notes. In a blind tasting I guessed this was Rare Breed once and rated it quite highly. Very sweet, lots of caramel and spice.. For a budget bourbon it’s really nice.

Happy Whisk-giving!

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