Paul John 6 Cadenhead Small Batch

Thanks to /u/xile_ for pouring me a sample of this one. Hey, it’s time to review an Indian whisky. Which since I’m drinking it and reviewing it, which means it’s from… Paul John? Alright, so right now there’s two brands of Indian whisky that pop up. I typically drink the other one, Amrut, because I really like them and because so does /u/devoz and he’s a wonderful person who… Continue reading Paul John 6 Cadenhead Small Batch

Amrut Single Cask ex-Jaggery Rum Cask

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me a sample of this. It’s weird being a reviewer. You end up going with what you can get, as I’m not charismatic enough to sell out my morals and make this something where I can get free things from what I like. Enter?Amrut Single Cask ex-Jaggery Rum Cask, a single cask that only came into Kensington Wine Market. I’ve reviewed a… Continue reading Amrut Single Cask ex-Jaggery Rum Cask

Amrut Peated 2015 Blackadder Raw Cask [MYSTERY]

Thanks to /u/xile_ for sharing this whisky with us. Indian whisky. A decade ago the look on people’s faces when you mentioned it would be one of confusion, anger, and gas. Never forget gas. Even today, it’s really just whisky nerds really know that there are Indian whiskies worth drinking. Yes, the definition in the country is nonexistant and other than two companies, the others are rum… Continue reading Amrut Peated 2015 Blackadder Raw Cask [MYSTERY]

Mystery sample from /u/31mak

Thank you to /u/31mak for this sample. Damn your husband, /u/devoz, for laughing about this review throughout. Recently I lose the coveted amazing title of “Canadian who has somehow reviewed the most Indian whiskies” to devoz. And while I had many a sleepless night crying about this, I’m happy for him. However during these reviews he noted that one of my scores was quite different. And since he… Continue reading Mystery sample from /u/31mak

Amrut Rye

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample. Indian heat and whisky methods, European Rye, Amrut yeast, and a friendly competition between two obsessive Canucks. That’s what’s lead us here. An assortment of international reasons that have lead me here. Amrut Rye seems insane. A company that makes Single Malts in a very distinctive Scottish way. The last thing I expected from them was a dram that was… Continue reading Amrut Rye

Amrut Triple Review: Rye, Double Cask and Virgin Oak Single Cask

I was dropping off a few mystery drams for devoz to add to a shipment for j4ni back in December so my wife and I came by to hang out for a drink or two. He had recently acquired a couple new Amruts and was gracious enough to share them with me, so I took a couple of notes. sparse notes because we were socializing … Continue reading Amrut Triple Review: Rye, Double Cask and Virgin Oak Single Cask