Five & 20 Spirits [Distillery visit & Reviews]

My wife and I were heading down to a town near Pittsburgh for a family event, so naturally I looked up any distilleries that may be along the way. I came across Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing, which is just off the I-90 on the far Western edge of NY state, and so we stopped in to try their rye and bourbon. Turns out, … Continue reading Five & 20 Spirits [Distillery visit & Reviews]

O’Begley [Distillery Tasting & Review]

And to finish my birthday bender on craft spirits we visited O’Begley’s Distillery. An interesting place, the storefront was originally used to sell Ice Cream. And now it sells something a little bit nicer. Granted I’m saying that because I review whiskey and not ice cream. I guess if I want to get diabetes faster I could do both, but not for now. O’Begley’s Distillery … Continue reading O’Begley [Distillery Tasting & Review]

Finger Lakes Distilling [Distillery Tasting & Review]

Visited Craft Distilleries on my Birthday weekend this year. I did reviews of them. They are the future, IMHO. We’re all good? Great. Oh, and it was in Western New York. I walked into Finger Lakes Distilling with much happiness and joy. It was a busy, busy place. Spirits were laid out. There were even ex-bourbon barrel chunks to be bought. Newspapers that were laminated … Continue reading Finger Lakes Distilling [Distillery Tasting & Review]

Myer Farm Distillery [Distillery Visit & Review]

TL;DR other posts – I went to a bunch of craft distilleries for my birthday. It was a great time. Much booze and wine and beer was drank. I did reviews on the distilleries. You sat there and achieved less with your life. Now that that’s out of the way, we can move onto our next distillery: Myer Farms Distillery Situated in the Finger Lakes … Continue reading Myer Farm Distillery [Distillery Visit & Review]

Black Button Distilling [Distillery Tasting & Review]

For those of you who didn’t read the last distillery review, here’s a quick version: Craft Distillers interest me, I think they are the future, it’s my birthday, we went on vacation, I drank at them and reviewed them. Our next stop for distilleries (that had whiskey ready to review) was Black Button Distilling. Located in Rochester, Black Button Distilling is located in an old … Continue reading Black Button Distilling [Distillery Tasting & Review]