Wiser’s Last Barrels – a Review

If you’re part of the Reddit whisky network, you’d be aware that November’s Community review was Wiser’s Last Barrels. I’ve had this sample for a while, having gotten it in a swap with /u/lecheconcarnie from reddit a couple months ago, but had neglected to get around to reviewing it. Then I realized the community review was going to be finalized soon and hadn’t yet contributed my review of this Ontario only release from Wiser’s. so here’s my take on it

Wiser’s Last Barrels – 45% ABV

  • Appearance: dark orange-pink. Not unlike Lot 40 CS.
  • Nose: quite sweet, lots of oak and fresh fruit and floral notes. Apples, caramel, butterscotch, corn. More bourbon-like as others have said.
  • Palate: Sweet corn, lots of oak, light maple syrup flavour, caramel, spicy, light fruit, banana, more bitter than expected. There’s a bit of a disconnect between the nose and the taste for me. Thick creamy mouthfeel. That sounds dirty…
  • Finish: warm, medium length, oaky and bitter.
  • Score: 80

Given how much I love Lot 40 and adored Lot 40 CS recently, I’m somewhat let down by this one. There’s quality here but I think my expectations were too high. It’s better than a lot of Wiser’s stuff I’ve had, and even though they’re very different, I scored it on par with Legacy. It has some neat bourbon-esque elements, but still has that mapley Canadian flavour in it, and the disconnect between nose and palate dropped a couple points. Hoping to get a taste of Union52 to see if their next limited release is any better.

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