Reviews: Glenkinchie 10 & 12. A lesson in disappointment

I’ve had two Glenkinchie’s to date, and it’s my lowest average scoring distillery. Here are my reviews:


Glenkinchie 10 yr – 43% ABV

I was somewhat excited to try this one as I understand it’s discontinued, and has been for some time, (replaced by the 12yr). I haven’t had a lot of lowlands, but thought this could be an interesting dram. also noticed no other reviews of it on here so i figured why not break new ground!

  • appearance: medium colour, possibly some e150 but not a ton
  • Nose: very light nose, some floral notes, vanilla
  • Taste: very strange right from the start. no alcohol burn at all, musty basement, very weak flavour. I believe it must be an old bottle that’s oxidized and no longer suitable for drinking.
  • Finish: musty taste lingers, dust, orange, maybe some seafood?
  • Rating: 44/100

incredibly disappointing and I told the bartender that I didn’t think the bottle was good anymore. probably not a good representation of what Glenkinchie has to offer, but has certainly deterred me from going out to get a bottle of the 12.


a bunch of guys from my church got together for a Robbie Burns scotch night that they’ve held for the past 5 years and I was lucky enough to join in the fun. Everybody brought a bottle and me and another guy put them in the order we felt would be best… avoiding the peat barrier as /u/tomodera would say. I had 8-9 drams, but only 6 that I hadn’t had before. Below are the notes I took on those 6… the others I drank were Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve – which i now realize I’ve had but never reviewed…dangit, Auchentoshan 12, Laphroaig QC and Ardbeg 10, which is the first scotch I ever reviewed!.

Glenkinchie 12 – 43% ABV

Glenkinchie and I have a difficult history. I tried the 10yr in a bar a long time ago and really didn’t enjoy it, but assumed it was just because it had been oxidized. we’ll see if that was just the bottle or if i really don’t like Glenkinchie spirit.

  • Appearance: light yellow colour
  • Nose: floral, nuts, heather
  • Taste: bitter, hot for 43%, floral, aciic, rotted grass, fishy
  • Finish: mid length, rotten fish
  • Score: 59/100

not pleasant. I hoped my bar experience with Glenkinchie 10 back in review #7 was an outlier, but I got the same fishy taste. Not a fan.


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