Arran SMWS 121.76 “Close shave from a tipsy barber”

Thanks to Tim W. for pouring me this sample. So we start ramping up. Because for this year’s Advent Calendar, put together by my wife, each one is supposed to be stronger than the last. Luckily I have a working liver. Ha! Take that non-liver people! So we’re onto Advent Day #16. Let’s see how this tastes, shall we? Price: Sold out Region: Island Date Distilled: July 2002… Continue reading Arran SMWS 121.76 “Close shave from a tipsy barber”

Arran 20 1996 Private Cask for LCBO

Thanks to /u/smokedherring  for handing me a sample. I’ve explained the LCBO, the provincial alcohol authority in Ontario, Canada. Just go back through some of the old posts. So after years of people asking, myself included, for single cask selections in Ontario, the LCBO seemingly listened. And we had tequila and scotch selections available to us. We’re like real people now! However you should always read the… Continue reading Arran 20 1996 Private Cask for LCBO

Mystery M2 (The Smoked Series)

Thanks to /u/devoz and /u/xile_ for this sample Quick recap, if you haven’t read the last review (Skip to the Bold part that says “START HERE” otherwise). Recently I made a point of stating that, if given an Arran, I’d identify the profile. This started both devoz and xile_ thinking, which is never good for me. You see, recently devoz acquired a smoke gun. From what little I understand… Continue reading Mystery M2 (The Smoked Series)

Arran-mageddon: 12 reviews of Arran single casks, LEs and crazy finishes

So I’m at the precipice of hitting both 300 scotch reviews and 500 total whisky reviews on reddit and plotted out my path to those milestones. Inspired by /u/tomodera‘s recent Arran-pocalypse posts (Part 1, Part 2), I decided to do a smaller multi of the Arran drams I haven’t posted here in the past. It’s kind of like the B-movie version of his post… it’s Piranha … Continue reading Arran-mageddon: 12 reviews of Arran single casks, LEs and crazy finishes

Arranpocalypse (Part 1)

Funny story. Wait, not really. Funny. Maybe sad. I’m fascinated by different casks. I’m intrigued by anyone who is trying new and different things in life. Why? Because while I may not always agree with the mentality behind a business/individual who does something different, I can tip my hat (if I wore one) to them for attempting something different. Yes, sometimes the road less traveled… Continue reading Arranpocalypse (Part 1)

Toronto Whisky Society’s <10yr/NAS Social Event

Looks like them Toronto Whisky Society boys (and ladies) are up to no good again folks. Just kidding, we’re always up to great good. It was a slightly windy day in First Spring when the TWS (owners of this here website and such) had a good ol’ tastin’. We headed to Dupont, set out the nicest crackers, dark chocolates, and cheesey-poofs, and invited everyone. Entry? Well … Continue reading Toronto Whisky Society’s <10yr/NAS Social Event