Toronto Whisky Society’s <10yr/NAS Social Event

Looks like them Toronto Whisky Society boys (and ladies) are up to no good again folks.

Just kidding, we’re always up to great good. It was a slightly windy day in First Spring when the TWS (owners of this here website and such) had a good ol’ tastin’.

We headed to Dupont, set out the nicest crackers, dark chocolates, and cheesey-poofs, and invited everyone.

Entry? Well it was a NAS or under 10 year whisky. Why? Because we live in Ontario, and that’s the easiest ones to get for us poor souls.

The whiskies lined up, the camera fluttering away, and the libations poured, we got to meeting, greeting, and of course, drinking and reviewing whisk(e)y.


Highwood Distillery in Alberta were nice enough to supply our humble group with two NAS whiskies to start, White Owl Caramel and Centennial Dark Chocolate. We at the society believe that every whisky is worth reviewing, yes, even flavoured whisky and some oxidized Proof too.

Bourbons were next, and in fine form. From George Dickel No. 12 to Sazerac 6 and even to some Bottled in Bond versions of Old Grand Dad and Jim Beam, there was lots to choose from.

Someone was even nice enough to bring his version of “Poor Man’s Pappy”, a famous home blend of OWA 107 and Weller 12. This one had a special twist on the reddit famous blend, being aged in a small 1L barrel for 1 week to really blend it together (he also brought Jack Daniels Single Barrel barrel proof, all in a fancy box that stole the show).

The Scotches were next, with BenRiach 10, Eradour 10, and Arran Sauternes setting the Scottish mood.

Granted it couldn’t all be smooth, and interesting casked favourites from Michel Couvreur and Tullamore Dew changed up the order with some World Whisky.

The peat barrier was next. We all know: Once you pass the peat barrier, there’s no coming back. We had not one, but two peated Irish whiskies to lead us off, a Campbeltown and a GlenDronach to confuse those waiting for an Islay. Almost on cue, one of our members arrived with the Islay peat bomb to finish it all, Bunnahabhain Ceòbanach.

We discussed politics like barbarians, literature like nerds, and did all the swaps we could. Future tastings danced in our heads. I mean, now that the young/NAS stuff is out of the way, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Event write-up by TOModera, quality pictures by Throzen & Connor and potato quality pictures by Bryan.

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