[Review] William Larue Weller 2016

This series of reviews comes from a tasting held by my friend Mark at his place (Editor’s Note: This was held back in December 2019 before the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic happened. It is still VERY not safe to do large-scale tastings yet but hopefully that changes by next Christmas!), big thanks to him for hosting and putting out some great whiskies and to the individuals … Continue reading [Review] William Larue Weller 2016

William Larue Weller (2017)

William Larue Weller (2017 release), 64.1% ABV, 12 years 6 months old, acquired in trade. Nose: Rich brown sugar, and heavy caramel. Corn, powder sugar, cherry candy, new leather, and creamy oak. Taste: Dark cherry, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Finish: Very long, slightly hot, black cherry, and soft oak notes linger. Thoughts: Bold and full-flavored. Really nice cherry and oak notes with a good amount … Continue reading William Larue Weller (2017)

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – Jr. Edition

If you missed out on your local lottery, or don’t feel like paying the exorbitant prices on the secondary market, these four “baby” versions of the BTAC range will have to suffice. W.L. Weller 12, 45% ABV, $46 CAD Nose: Really nice vanilla, oak, and brown sugar notes dominate. Also black cherry, some caramel, old leather, and a faint lemon and orange citrus thing in … Continue reading Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – Jr. Edition

Triple Blind Bourbon Review

Recently hung out with some whisky friends that I met on reddit. We decided to challenge ourselves to a competition, of sorts. Three Bourbons were poured. They were: Old Rip Van Winkle 10 (2016) Old Weller Antique 107 Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 12 From Floor #1 Could we, consistent whiskey drinkers, pick out the high […] via Triple Blind Bourbon Review — TOModera Whisky Reviews Continue reading Triple Blind Bourbon Review

Toronto Whisky Society’s <10yr/NAS Social Event

Looks like them Toronto Whisky Society boys (and ladies) are up to no good again folks. Just kidding, we’re always up to great good. It was a slightly windy day in First Spring when the TWS (owners of this here website and such) had a good ol’ tastin’. We headed to Dupont, set out the nicest crackers, dark chocolates, and cheesey-poofs, and invited everyone. Entry? Well … Continue reading Toronto Whisky Society’s <10yr/NAS Social Event