Big Peat Christmas Edition 2012


Since we got our first snow storm of the year and everyone is back to their terrible winter driving, I thought I would relax and enjoy a sample of Big Peat Christmas Edition 2012 that a friend sent me  a sample of.

First impressions are that I am surprised at how light the appearance is. This would make me think that this is a relatively young whisky. (Note* I am lazy and haven’t bothered to google this to see how old and exactly what is going into it) Based on my tasting I would assume Bowmore and or Ledaig as there is a bit of funky peat involved.

Nose Peat, charcoal, mesquite smoke, lemon. There is a little bit of oak on the nose as well. The peat is powerful, but not overpowering. Maybe a little pine in the background, or perhaps it’s just the suggestive name.

Taste Bog water, motor oil. I am not getting a lot of depth off of this. There is a bit of BBQ sauce. I added 2 drops of water and this fell apart. It had nothing upfront, but did maintain the finish.

Finish There is a big long finish with the warming alcohol and peat lingering. This is a bit surprising as the whisky is very thin and I wouldn’t have expected as much staying power.

Overall This is a well made whisky that is very peat forward. It’s not something that you’re going to reach for everyday, or very often at all. It does fit into a nice niche however. Since we are getting our first snow storm today and we are 10 days from Christmas I think that this is a great pick.

If you like a big punch of peat this is something worth grabbing to enjoy over the holidays, or any cold day. It could use a bit more complexity, but overall it is a worthwhile dram.

Score 81/100

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