Review – Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1996

Gordon & MacPhail Glen Grant 1996 // 40% ABV // $ – N/A In Ontario anymore.

Oh look I finally got around to posting a review (albeit old)

Bought this bottle a few years ago, it looked nice on the shelf and was my first IB at the time. The label says it was distilled in 1996 and bottled in 2011, putting it at the 15 years old mark, or somewhere around that, bottle or box doesn’t say. The G&M website page says the cask type is Refill sherry hogsheads.

Tasted in a GlenCairn, in basement, watching Barca destroy Bayern.

Color: Straw, VERY light. No mention anywhere though if this is natural color or NCF, but I assume this is its natural color.

Nose: Slight floral notes, loads of malt notes,

Palate: Some fruit, citrus, angel cake, vanilla, somewhat acidic, and very 1 dimensional.

Finish: Short, light, candied something, dry.

Thoughts: Meh. This was ok. Definitely could have used a higher ABV. I didn’t get any sherry at all, perhaps the casks were at it’s 3rd or 4th refill and thus didn’t impart much into the whisky, even the color suggest no sherry. Also, could be I have no idea what I am talking about.

Rating 78/100

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