Distillery Spotlight: The Newfoundland Distillery Co.

Travel – something we haven’t been able to do a lot of in the past 18 months or so, but when restrictions within Canada were eased, jumping at the first opportunity to visit a new place was a priority and thus a trip to Newfoundland was planned. Of course, no trip is complete without visiting whatever distilleries exist in the location, so a call to … Continue reading Distillery Spotlight: The Newfoundland Distillery Co.

Ardbeg Distillery Review (With a Stop at Laphroaig and Lagavulin!)

(This distillery feature was written by Toronto Whisky Society member Stephen Sheps. Thanks to him once again for letting us publish his experiences on Islay!) Day 2 of my trip to Islay was a memorable one to say the least – while nothing could top the stunning high of our visit to Bruichladdich the previous afternoon (saving the best for the last review), we knew … Continue reading Ardbeg Distillery Review (With a Stop at Laphroaig and Lagavulin!)

Bunnahabhain Distillery Review

(This distillery review was written by Toronto Whisky Society member Stephen Sheps who was recently in Islay. Thanks to him for sharing his distillery experiences!) Ahh, Islay. There is really no place quite like it, even in Scotland. It’s a place that, despite my having literally zero Scottish roots feels like where I have always belonged. Of course you might be thinking to yourselves now … Continue reading Bunnahabhain Distillery Review

Distillery Spotlight: Spring Mill Distillery, Guelph, ON

So it’s quarter to 9 in the morning on a chilly Thursday in the middle of December. This week has been as bitter-cold as Southern Ontario gets and yet here I am taking a GO Bus to Guelph. Why? Well that’s because I went to explore one of the most interesting new distilleries in Ontario: The Spring Mill Distillery! Not many whisky fans in Ontario … Continue reading Distillery Spotlight: Spring Mill Distillery, Guelph, ON

Bunnahabhain Warehouse 9 Tasting

It’s now Day 2 of my Islay expedition and this one will be quite a more arduous journey then any other distillery tour I’ve experienced here on Islay. Not because of the distillery experience itself but because of it’s extremely remote location being the northernmost distillery on Islay. Since my dad and I didn’t have a car to use on Islay and the bus schedule … Continue reading Bunnahabhain Warehouse 9 Tasting

Glen Scotia Dunnage Tour and Tasting

The final part of my Campbeltown trip is finally here. It’s been a heck of a day. Some amazing whiskies were tried and I experienced a lot of new aspects about whiskymaking here in Scotland, but now it’s finally time to go out with a bang! And what better way to end my Campbeltown expedition then at the Glen Scotia Distillery! Now in terms of … Continue reading Glen Scotia Dunnage Tour and Tasting

Glengyle (Kilkerran) Distillery Tour

After the wild and fun times I had at the Cadenhead’s warehouse (and the shop before and afterwards taking some time to admire the selection as well as some beauties found in the famed Cadenhead’s “Cage”) I now headed for the second distillery tour of the day and one that I was very interested to learn more about, which is the Glengyle Distillery Tour! The … Continue reading Glengyle (Kilkerran) Distillery Tour

Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting

So now that the Springbank Distillery Tour has concluded, with a fun first experience of Scotch distilling in the memory bank, it’s time for one of the most anticipated tastings that I had planned for this trip, the Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting! Now Cadenhead’s is an independent bottler of a lot of different spirits. Scotch is their main draw but they also bottle gin, rum, cognac … Continue reading Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting

Springbank Distillery Tour

So I just arrived in Scotland the day before, and while the journey was rather long I’ve finally made it to Campbeltown! So after a fun night of good seafood and whisky with my dad at the Ardshiel Hotel it’s now time for the main attraction that most visitors of the white sandy shores of Campbeltown are keen to enjoy, the whisky tours! For the … Continue reading Springbank Distillery Tour