Heaven Hill 20 1996 Cadenhead’s 175th Anniversary

Heaven Hill 20 Cadenheads 175 Anniversary 2

Thanks to /u/j4ni for the sample!

I swear I had nothing to do with Heaven Hill 20 1996 Cadenhead’s 175th Anniversary. Oh, wait, no one is asking that. Okay then.

A year ago I wrote about a gem I found in Scotland. Specifically Cadenhead’s had bought a barrel of Heaven Hills which had been aged for 5 years, and then finished aging it for an additional 6 years in Campbeltown. It’s still one of my favourite bourbons ever. Sadly I only split one bottle with my father, and he enjoyed his as well (not sad about the enjoying part, more so sad it’s all gone and we don’t have some magical bottle of it that constantly pours it).

Thus when I found out that Cadenhead’s brought out a 20 year version to celebrate their 175th anniversary, suffice to say I was sad that I was on a tighter budget…

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