Westland Garryana & Westland Peated American Single Malt

Westland Garryana 2016 Ed. 1

I recently had a discussion with a master blender, and we discussed the difference between your average whiskey geek and whiskey drinker. The end result was that your average whisky drinker doesn’t really understand what goes into their whiskey.

When I was more foolish and less correct than now, I used to be disgusted at the inclusion of “sour mash” on something. I thought that denotes a lack of quality. It was later that I found out how incorrect I was, and that in fact helps keep consistency.

Thus the idea of yeast and wood came up. Yes, the types of grain and the area in which you age the whiskey is important as well. We don’t see anyone discuss yeast other than Four Roses. And frankly, that’s for us geeks. Wood though, wood is a marketer… wait, I already used wood in the sentence…

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