Review: Aberlour 12 Double Cask

bought this one in 2013 after reading glowing reviews of the 12yr NCF edition, seeing the LCBO price and thinking whoa! what a deal! turns out this is the double cask matured, which is slightly different.

Aberlour 12 Double Cask matured: 43% ABV

  • Appearance: reddish gold colour. probably darkest of the bottles in my collection.
  • Nose: sweet sherry, some fruit… can’t pick it out. not a ton more.
  • Taste: some sweet honey, the sherry hits pretty heavy, again that undefinable fruit, some light smokey spices.
  • finish: short and sweet. some peppery notes linger. mustiness and earthy in the long run… interesting.

Rating: 83/100

i’m probably disappointed because i thought I was getting one of Reddit’s faves and didn’t. it’s a little basic, not a ton of flavours in it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t incredibly complex or breathtaking.

Again, looking back at my scoring from those days, I’d probably score this in the high 70s instead of 83, but oh well. Nostalgia.

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