Highland Park 15 Fire & 17 Ice

Recently Highland Park released two offerings. I was sad to see the whole Valhalla vibe not used for these, however for those of you who love the giant wooden boxes. I have decided to hold out mine to use for my ashes when I die. Be funny for people who try to steal my widow’s booze. Maybe hold onto my skull and buy one of those Halloween things that jump out.

But enough of my insane, disturbing use for the thing that use to hold my consciousness. What did Highland Park bring out?

These are a special two-part bottling, celebrating the great sagas of the Viking age recorded in the Poetic Edda, the oldest Norse poems.

Well they are called Highland Park 15 Fire and Highland Park 17 Ice. So, initial reaction: Has age statements. That’s always good.

But what are they? Was Fire used in one, and Ice…

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