Northern Border Collection 2017

Northern Border Collection.jpg

Thanks to Wiser’s for inviting myself and /u/muaddib99 as part of the Toronto Whisky Society. Please note that while we appreciate being invited, our reviews are our own and Wiser’s has not edited these at all. Sharp pointy sticks to all our crouches. There, they wouldn’t allow that, no one likes that and whisky. Well, very few people do.

In a few weeks the first Northern Border Collection will come to Ontario. And as I await how the LCBO screws up what should be the best thing to happen to Canadian whisky in a long time, I was lucky enough, weeks ago, to try it in a luxurious setting.

Take a second to imagine yourself, on a lake, in a room filled with bartenders, whisky geeks, and being lead through the tasting of 8 new whiskies by Dave Mitton, Global Brand Ambassador, and Ross Hendry, Brand Director. You have…

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