Cameronbridge SMWS G4.13 “Marvellous multifaceted”

SMWS G4.13 2.jpg

Thanks to Tim W. for the sample. And thanks to /u/xreekinghavocx for the image.

For those who missed it (and frankly that’s okay) each year, around my birthday, I review what samples I have from 1982. Because that’s when I was born. Otherwise, it’d be a weird coincidence.

After taking a break due to social commitments I was told “not to be drunk at” and “again” or “the police would be called” because “no one needs to see your special tattoo” (whatever all that meant), I sat down at home to Birthday Dram #2, Cameronbridge SMWS G4.13 “Marvellous multifaceted”.

This 35-year-old single grain (see a pattern? Cause I’m not rich) was aged in refill ex-Bourbon hogsheads and bottled at cask strength, with no colouring or chill filtration.

Single grains and I have always had an odd relationship. I’ve probably been wrong about more of them than anything else…

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