J.P. Wiser’s NHL Alumni Whisky Series

I was able to try each of these through the Toronto Whisky Society, which was given the chance to try them by Wiser’s themselves.

Special commemorative editions of things, especially mashups of two different fandoms, are always something to question before buying: Why are you buying it?

For theWiser’s Alumni Whisky Series, you could tell me you purchased any of these to go on a hockey shrine of your favourite sport star, besides various hockey cards, pucks, sticks, and perhaps even hockey-related children’s cartoon shows and I’d be fine with it.

It’s there to show your level of fandom.

I, on the other hand, am not a sports guy. I’ve tried. I’d rather be playing the sport (badly I might add) then watch them. I can see the appeal in stats and sports and tribalistic superiority. I can see how it forms people’s feeling of belonging. Just not…

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