Tomatin 12 / 14 Port Wood / Cù Bòcan 1988 Vintage / 36

Recently I was privileged enough to join a tasting put on by Tomatin, through the Toronto Whisky Society.

Tomatin is an interesting distillery for me. I am not the biggest Highland fan, however, years ago I decided to dive deep on them due to (no joke) a request for more reviews from distilleries that start with T.

Tomatin, of course, means Hill of the Juniper Bush. The juniper bushes have since been relocated, which if you’ve run through a juniper bush in shorts understand why, but the name has stuck. Maybe they’ll bring out a gin someday. Until then, let’s see how their Scotch tastes.

Astute insane readers of my reviews will note I’ve reviewed Tomatin 12 before. And originally my plan was to enjoy the dram, write notes on the ones I haven’t had, point you towards the others, and Bob may, in fact, be your uncle. Or acts…

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