Tomatin Unde-Review (12, 15, 18, 18 Cadenhead, 20 Douglas Laing, 21, 21 Doulas Laing, 30, Cù Bòcan, Decades, Legacy)

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No preamble about my life, no rambling about genitalia or frustrations, nothing as this one is going to be a barn burner; The often mentioned (by me) Tomatin Unde-Review that I’ve been saving up to do for way, way too long.

Tomatin is a Highland distillery located in, surprisingly, the village of Tomatin. They’ve been distilling since the 16th century, however they became an official distillery only near the end of the 19th, and since then have been mothballed, sold off, built up to handle massive amounts of booze, and then taken apart. Now 80% of their malts are in blends, and they are owned by a Japanese company. Mad world we live in.

If this distillery were a human, they’d be your tough grandparents. They’ve seen some shit, and still smile and act nicely and give you candy. Yet at the drop of a hat, they could gut your…

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