Tin Cup

Tin Cup 2.jpg

Different bar. Need to sit down. Walked too much. Much too fat for all this walking. Fatty needs a bourbon.

Why? Well because I’ve reviewed everything else and I can’t drink without reviewing anymore. It just doesn’t happen. Like I can’t have a boner unless she’s up to her tits in chocolate pudding and wearing a sailor suit.

But enough about last Tuesday. This is about bourbon, dammit!

Tin Cup is a famous movie that precedes the themes made more famous in Happy Gilmore by showing a golfer who isn’t stuffy and does wacky shit.

The Tin Cup whiskey has nothing to do with that at all. Kevin Costner doesn’t even like you bringing it up. Or hiding in his bushes, but I’m sure the police were called for the first reason, not the second.

Tin Cup is made by Jess Graber, who also helped co-founded Stranahan’s. So basically every…

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