Port Ellen 20 1978 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #17]

port ellen 20.jpg

Hey, it’s that whisky people wait for when it go to The Feathers Pub. Because it’s an Islay and you always finish with an Islay.


So this is pretty standard, as everyone can attest. You know, you go out, have a couple drams, finish up with a Port Ellen.

Specifically Port Ellen 20 1978. You know, that standard sipper that we all have. I’m sure everyone will be posting that they are sick of all of these Rare Malts posts and they are about done with it all.


Now that I’m done being sarcastic, let’s get excited. It’s a Port Ellen. Legendary bottling. One that I haven’t gotten my ugly little mitts on (so ugly).

I’m pretty sure I could run a tasting with just this and everyone would be happy. They are old, peated whiskies.

I mean, they ALL aren’t amazing. This could be different.

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