Kilchoman 4 2011 Madeira Cask

Kilchoman 2011 Madeira Cask 2.jpg

New series called “There will be Kilchoman till the score is paid”, in which I review Kilchoman until I run out of Kilchoman.

It’s a simple concept.

Guess where the quote is from? Keep trying, I believe in you.

I’ve said it before, probably too many times, that when I first got into whisky I mixed up Marsala and Madeira casks, based on a roommate who had a penchant for adding copious amounts to any pasta sauce ever. And specifically cooking Marsala, which she enjoyed, and I, it turns out, did not.

So once I got over the fact that Madeira was something different, and that it came in sweet or dry fortified wine… types? Flavours? Monkeys? You get the idea, there’re two different types.

So now that we’ve ensured that Madeira exists and I’m no longer super wrong about it (mostly), we can get to the fact that Kilchoman…

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