Karuizawa 10 1996 Single Cask – Sample Bottle

Karuizawa 10 1996 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/walking_spanish for the sample.

If you’re like me, Karuizawa is that word you know you can’t pronounce correctly (‘karo-zau-wa’) that means “whisky I can’t possibly afford a bottle of”. But why?

Well, Japanese whisky is one of those things we need to discuss. Because there’s a lot of misinformation on.

First up, the main elephant in the room: All Japanese whiskies are pure gold that is the best whiskies in the world so much so that some say that anyone else making single malts should quit and make something else, like rum. That’s not correct. Some Japanese whiskies were quite good. Included in these were those like the Hanyu Card Series, some Yamazaki age stated releases and even some Karuizawa releases.

This doesn’t mean all of them are amazing. However, the reaction to a) not being able to afford these single casks or not being able to find…

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