Bunnahabhain 29 1987 Wemyss The Viceroys Elixir

Thanks to /u/Saba007 for pouring me this dram.

Hey, so I’m behind. Super behind.

There was this whisky that came out. It’s a 29-year-old Bunnahabhain. Oh, and the second it came out, everyone went ape nuts for it and it was purchased before the first digital piece of ink could hit the digital internet tube to get to you.

Of course, I’m talking aboutBunnahabhain 29 1987 Wemyss The Viceroys Elixir, a sherried, old Bunnahabhain that isn’t cask strength but is a single cask. Brought to you by Wemyss Malts, who always name their single cask releases in cuter, better ways than SMWS will ever dream of.

But was this dram just all hype? I have no dog in this race. Most of it’s sold and already called legendary. But I still wanted it, so I found someone to pour me a dram.

Was it worth it? Let’s see…

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