Glen Moray 24 Duncan Taylor Dimensions

Thanks to@scotchguy.tofor sharing a dram of this with me.

So I’m at a whisky tasting. One where I have to be picky, because I have class the next morning, but I’m also drinking with a bunch of whisky nerds.

I choose a Glen Moray. SpecificallyGlen Moray 24 Duncan Taylor Dimensions. Others are less enthused about it. You see, as a group we’ve had an embarrassment of Glen Moray IB whiskies. But I was still interested. Never write off a distillery because you either had too many or haven’t enjoyed the ones you enjoyed.

So, what we have here is a 24 year Glen Moray aged in.. oak? Seriously label makers? Can someone please start writing down what we’re putting whisky into?

Moving on from my push to have me as the official person in charge of some whisky warehouses, it’s aged 24 years, and bottled at…

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