jj Xmas Mystery Samples 10 & 16

Thank you to /u/j4ni for these samples. You truly are a King among men.

Out of nowhere this guy sends me not one, but two mystery drams. Hope he enjoys mine!

NOTE: If you go past the Mysterio image and don’t want Spoilers for the jj Xmas Mystery Samples 10 & 16, turn back now.

3 - hkfBN8W.jpg

1 - KZyvguA.jpgjj Xmas Mystery Sample 10 is up first.

At the time of drinking it, I had no idea what it was.

Upon finishing, I got it wrong (because it’s a mystery review and I’m me).

Back in 2006, when Kilchoman was starting up, they put aside two casks. And those casks waited until the calamitous year of 2016, when they were vatted together and bottled at natural full cask strength. And thus the first ever Kilchoman spirit past ten years was born. Or created. Or wherever babies come from (my wife and 17 children won’t…

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