Hibiki Japanese Harmony


Thanks to /u/Tsefly for the sample.

It’s well known that I’m currently hunting Hibiki 30.

Wait, let me start off not sounding like a snob.

I’m currently hunting down a sample of Hibiki 30, sadly, and not having any luck with it. So much so that in the meantime, I found out about another Hibiki I have never had: Hibiki Japanese Harmony.

But why is it called “Harmony”? Did they go the route some distillers go and just use a name for the heck of it? Seeing how it doesn’t sound like fake latin, I think we’re good.

This is meant to be a well-balanced blended whisky. Whether or not it’s well-balanced is in question before trying it: It is, in fact, a blended whisky, contrary to any thoughts otherwise.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony is made up of malt whiskies from Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries, then they grabbed some grain…

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