Longrow Red 13 Malbec

Longrow Red 13 Malbec 2.jpg

Longrow. Wine. Goes together like M&Ms and popcorn. Or like cheap French fries and soft serve ice cream.

You wouldn’t think it does, but it do.

As such, each time I have a chance to try a Longrow that has been considered near a wine, I attempt to drink it or buy it or both. Sometimes both.

Thus when Longrow Red 13 Malbec became available, I split a bottle.

For those of you who haven’t been following the Longrow Red series, and are waiting for it to hit Netflix and binge watch it, let me fill you in.

They take Longrow and put it in a red wine cask. Then they eventually take it out and serve it to you in a limited edition variety. Then you give them money, as is typical in exchange for goods and services. They’ve done this as a finish, as a further maturation, as…

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