Arran 20 1996 Private Cask for LCBO

Arran 20 1996 Private Cask for LCBO 1.jpg

Thanks to /u/smokedherring  for handing me a sample.

I’ve explained the LCBO, the provincial alcohol authority in Ontario, Canada. Just go back through some of the old posts.

So after years of people asking, myself included, for single cask selections in Ontario, the LCBO seemingly listened. And we had tequila and scotch selections available to us. We’re like real people now!

However you should always read the fine print. A private cask by anyone means that someone, somewhere, is picking what’s being sold. There’s some people who own stores that can’t pick anything bad. There’s people who own stores who’s picks are debatable.

However once you’ve had a few of them, you get an idea. And like reviewers (myself included) you either find one you agree with, or find one you never agree with. So if you never agree with me, you never read it. Or you read it…

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