Glenburgie 18 Old Malt Cask Hunter Laing

Glenburgie 18 Old Malt Cask Hunter Laing.jpg

I’m a bit behind on my reviews. Which bothers no one more than myself.

A few months ago now the Toronto Whisky Society brought out a pair of selected whiskies. Last year there were people who asked a simple question: Could we have a less expensive version, please?

This wasn’t easy for me to swallow. Not that I’m super rich. I’m not, really. But the second we dropped the price, I was concerned that meant less strong, less choice casks, no bottle label choices, and really less control.

That all said there’s no reason to not try. So I was one of the people who did the tasting and helping of selecting if we’d move forward. Frankly, I was surprised Glenburgie 18 Old Malt Cask existed, let alone was something that we were able to source.

Why is that? Beyond my initial concerns, this is an ex-bourbon Glenburgie. My history…

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