Santis Highlander Edition Cask Strength Peated

Santis 1

I will always say this: If you enjoy Scotch, or Bourbon, yet can’t keep up with the price hikes, you should try a whisky that is made near you. It won’t always be amazing, however for every 10 bad or just “okay” whiskies out there, there’s a good company making tasty stuff.

Just look at Amrut, or Forty Creek, or Sullivan’s Cove, or Nikka. If someone hadn’t said “I’m going to try out some [Indian/Canadian/Aussie/Japanese] whisky”, we’d never know about these places.

Today is not one of those “happy” days, however it won’t be the last of me trying Swiss whisky.

I’ll be reviewing Santis Highlander Edition Cask Strength Peated. This is not a single cask, matured in Beer Oak casks, and made by Brauereri Distillery. And all of that seems interesting.

I can personally say that this is the first time I’ve ever had a beer finished whisky, and…

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