Bruichladdich Octomore 500th Scotch Review (01.1, 06.1, 06.2, 06.3, Discovery, 07.1, 07.2, 07.3, 07.4)

Thanks to /u/devoz, /u/distillasian, /u/neversafeforlife, /u/xile_, and /u/whiskylads for the swaps.

Oh, and this is my 500th Scotch review. So I’ll take my crown please.

A lot of people here have been in the situation that Bruichladdich must have been prior to releasing Octomore.

There they are, making a living on Islay, surrounded by history and distilleries that make the most peated whisky out there. And they make only lightly peated fair.

Sure, Bunnahabhain is there too, but they are small, and kooky. They have their own thing. Not to mention every-so-often they make a nicely peated dram.

That leaves Bruichladdich, sitting there, drinking, finishing their whiskies, plotting.

And one night of said drinking, they snapped.

They said “Fuck it, we’ll make the peatiest and the rest of them can shut their sound holes!”

Actually it more so probably went “Hmm, what if we peated…

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