Glenrothes 10 2007 Adelphi

Glenrothes 10 Adelphi 2.jpg

It’s an odd situation when I hear people are waiting for my opinion on what whiskies they should buy.

For one, there’s plenty of places that I go to for reviews. Whiskyfun, various other bloggers, Ralfy, Reddit reviewers, and Whiskybase, to name just a few.

Recently there was a release that popped up in Canada, and it was well reviewed on Whiskybase. I have friends who travel between Ontario and Alberta, so I asked them to pick up a bottle for friends of mine to share.

That bottle? Alberta Einstein. No, wait, that’s a bad pun and mocking an internet trope.

It was actually Glenrothes 10 2007 Adelphi. We were interested in a cask strength Glenrothes from an IB that we like. And it was ex-sherry. What can go wrong?

Ahem. I seem to be setting something up. Shall we see how it tastes, and then perhaps see where…

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